If your band hasn’t broken up and reformed under a new name at least once, is it really a rock band?

From the ashes of The Swifts, who captivated the Denver area with their infectious brand of pop punk, rises The Worn Outs. This three-piece extravaganza of power chords, melody, harmony, and driving rhythm writes songs that stick in your head for days, and on your playlists for longer. The Worn Outs are made up of three guys that are way too old for this shit, and rocking faces with this kind of old-man pop punk is exactly how they like it.


Nobody’s Listening is The Worn Outs’ debut EP. Recorded in 2023 at Dog House Music Studios with engineer John Remington, this fast-paced EP showcases the catchy melodies and driving rhythms that define our sound. Featuring four originals, and capped off with a spur-of-the-moment cover of a Violent Femmes classic.


We don’t have an official music video (yet), but thanks to some of our amazing fans here are some video clips from recent shows.

The Socials

Past Shows

We’ve been lucky enough to play some really cool shows with some really cool bands – here’s a brief sample of venues/festivals that have been gracious enough to let us crash their stage.

C38 Tailgate at the Colorado Rapids (Dicks Sporting Goods Park)
Lost Lake – Denver
Roxy on Broadway
Jammin at the Jetty Festival
WTF Fest at Eastfax Tap
Elkstock/Denver Elks Lodge
Wild Goose (as “The Swifts” with Marcy Playground)


Is a late 90’s sounding pop punk trio exactly what you need for your club, venue, party, festival, or gigantic football stadium? We’re ready to rock faces. Just reach out to!